Instructionsfor Entrepreneurs

Konexons is designed to help connect entrepreneurs with the resources they need to grow their business. To make the most of the Konexons platform, we recommend that entrepreneurs do the following.

  1. Complete your personal profile on the site.- Click here
  2. Register your company (under Opportunities)- Click Here then Register Opportunity
  3. Apply to different funding opportunities or innovation searches.


  See detailed instructions below.


  1. Complete your personal profile - In the upper right hand corner of the screen there is a silhouette with "Me" below it. Click on that arrow and select "Profile". Once on your profile, click on the pencil in the upper right hand corner of your profile to edit your profile. If you are willing to mentor others, be sure to select that option.
  2. Register your company with Konexons under the Opportunity Section. Go to Opportunities and click on Register Opportunity. If you are, or think you are going to apply for funding, be sure to select this option and complete the full registration. Every company that registers will be reviewed on the following: overall presentation of the company; the entrepreneur/team; the product or service; market size; competition; financials; exit strategy; and whether people would be interested in investing. Be sure to include information on these key areas.
  3. Apply to different programs and investor groups. Investor groups can be found under the Finance section.



Konexons will e-mail announcements and different opportunities that will be made available through the Konexons platform.