goal center


Getting what you want is REALLY important!  With the Konexons Goal Center we help you take a measurement of where you are in your life, and then do a self analysis to see who you are, and then set goals to help you get to where you want to go. 


  • life wheel

    With the Konexon’s Life Wheel you can take a measurement of where you are in your life in the key areas of Wellness, Relationships, Financial, Purpose and Creative Flow. Click the icon to the left to start tracking where you are in your life.

  • strengths

    Understanding your strengths can help you tremendously. Konexons uses the Clifton Strengths Finder assessment to help individuals learn about their top 5 strengths out of the 34 that Dr. Clifton has identified. To learn more about Strengths Finder, Click Here, or Click on the icon at the left to enter your top five strenghts.

  • core values

    Defining and understanding your core values can help you make sure that your goals are in alignment with your life. Click the logo to the left to go through an exercise to assist you in defining your core values.

  • passion

    Identifying our passions requires self analysis and can help us understand what drives us. We encourage you to identify more than one passion. We also remind you that just because you are passionate about something, it does not mean that the pursuit of that passion is the best thing for you.

  • defining success

    In order to pursue success in life, we must define what success is. Becareful that you don’t place too much emphasis on finances. Remember that some of the richest people in the world are also some of themost miserable. A study that looked at the happiness of lottery winner showed that they were no more happy than those who became paraplegics after six months.

  • mission statement

    Your personal Mission Statement helps guide your decisions and sets what your mission in life truly is. In this section work on what your personal Mission Statement is.

  • vision board

    Your Vision Board is a place you can place images that help you focus on the things in your life you want to achieve.

  • goal icon

    Now that you have measured where you are in life, identified your strengths, identified your core values, identified your passions, defined success and developed your personal mission statement, let’s set your goals.