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A Typical Meeting at Music City Angels:

· Pre-Meeting Socializing and Call To Order: Typically meetings are the third Tuesday of the month. Meetings fall under certain SEC regulations thus those in attendance need to be either (i) accredited investors as defined by the SEC; (ii) those doing the pitch(es) and/or (iii) a guest pre-approved by the Music City Angels President- see our Guest policy. Prior to the meeting starting is just socializing and any housekeeping announcements.

· 1-2 Live “Screening Pitches”: These are pitches from entrepreneurs that are usually (but not exclusively) either local and/or in an area with an affinity of expertise in our Nashville group (such as healthcare, entertainment etc). They are categorized as “Screening pitches” because we are screening them on behalf of our chapter and the network. This is the typical 15-minute pitch with Q&A.

· 1 Video Road Show: The VRS is a deal which started out as a Screening Pitch at a different chapter and had enough soft commitments from that chapter to resource a diligence report and finalize a term sheet with Sheltowee Network. The company now gets an opportunity to broadcast their pitch live to the other Sheltowee chapters to pile on new commitments. This is a “Check ready deal”.

· 1-2 Open/Follow-on Deal Announcements: This “investor only” caucus will review any open deal calls that were from previous pitches and/or follow-on deals from previous investments to which we have a seat at the table.

· Network/Member Announcements: Any relevant announcements about the network (e.g. exits across the network, upcoming education sessions from Sheltowee) and or pen floor for members/guests to announce any personal items (e.g. new job/venture, community events they are involved in).

· Member/Guest socializing and intelligent conversations: This is where you learn from and about other members/guests. While our meetings are not purposed as networking events, it is an ancillary benefit to meet cool, smart, connected and diverse people in a relaxed setting.

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Date And Time

Tuesday, Sep 20, 2022

17:30 - 20:00 Central Time


Nashville, TN 37205
United States|US