The Sheltowee Business Network (SBN) and CO-STARTERS are holding a contest that will select 5 companies to go become ENTREPRENEUR Members of the Sheltowee Business Network. There is no cost to an Enetpreneur Service Organization (ESO) to register. The ESO must commit to the following:

1. Assist SBN and CO-STARTERS in promoting the contest to the ESO's audience

2. Attempting to secure at least 3 businesses to participate in the contest

3. Working with the SBN and CO-STARTERS team to select one company from all submissions from the ESO to go on to the final contest.

SBN and CO-STARTERS will provide all information that is collected from entrepeneurs that list your ESO as the Referrer to the ESO. There is a $15.00 non-refundable application fee charged to the business applying. There is NO FEE for ESO's to register.